Todd Holland är klar för Hang Loose Surfstream Open

I slutet av 80-talet och början av 90-talet var Todd Holland stor på ASP-touren och han placerade sig som bäst bland top 10 på rankingen. Todd var östkustsurfaren som banade väg för storheter som Kelly Slater. Todd är i god form fortfarande och är ju faktiskt bara fyra år äldre än Kelly. Det är fantastiskt roligt att Todd kommer till tävlingen och det blir spännande att se hur en riktigt bra surfare kan hantera den svåra inomhusvågen.

Todd själv säger att “My expectations are everybody is going to have a blast and since it will be my first time riding the SurfStream, I am really excited. Also, we are bringing four new surfboards I shaped  for the SurfStream wave and I am really looking forward to see how we can improve on the design. Plus I am excited to visit Sweden, someplace I have never been before.”

Presentation Todd Holland
An east coast legend. Holland was competative force in the late 80s and early 90s. One of his most memorable moments came at the 1988 Pipeline Masters, when due to an interference, he ended Tom Carrol’s run at a world title in 10-12′ foot pipe. His best year on tour was the 1990-91 season when he finished eighth in the world. Holland proved it could be done, paving the way for other east coasters like: the Hobgoods’, the lopezs’ and Mr. Kelly Slater himself.
Todd Holland now owns and operates the School of Surf in his hometown, Cocoa Beach. His wife, Lauren, is in charge of beginner lessons and camps, while Todd coaches top athletes in the amateur ranks. You can still find Todd ripping in the line up and occasionally he’ll show up at a local professional contest and lay down some scores for a victory here and there.

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