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Med anledning av de olika motionerna som inkommit vill vi informera er alla om hur ISA ser på saken när det gäller Internationella kanotförbundets möte med Internationella Surfförbundet , här kommer ett upplysande brev från ISAs ordförande Fernando Aguerre till oss på SSA:


Dear Friends,

Following our previous communications, we recently met at International Olympic Committee HQ with the leadership of the International Canoe Federation (ICF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne on the question of the governance of SUP. The meeting was chaired by IOC President Thomas Bach.

Herewith is a brief report and important update on the ISA’s position.
No ISA-ICF Agreement – Contrary to rumors that are reaching the ISA and might have reached your country, there was no agreement between any of the parties in the meeting regarding the sharing of the governance of SUP. Any assertion otherwise should be strongly refuted, as they don’t reflect reality.
ISA Commitment – The ISA remains fully committed to defending and upholding its existing right – and that of its Members – to govern all of SUP on a national and international level.  NOTE: In countries where there is no ISA Member, we are open to working with other national federations from other sports for the development of SUP, but otherwise we will not concede our history, precedent and organization of SUP.
By Definition, SUP is part of the ISA –  This is a very essential and key point for you in your future actions and statements: SUP is an integral part of Surfing and the ISA, as defined by the ISA Constitution.  The ISA is recognized by the IOC as the world governing body for all of surfing.  And our ISA Constitution in Article 2 of our Constitution defines surfing as follows:
a. Any sport in which the primary force that moves the participant’s surfing equipment, is a wave either of natural or artificial source.
b. An activity on the waves on any type of equipment used for surfing.
c. An activity in calm waters on any type of equipment used for surfing.
d. All StandUp Paddle (SUP) activities in all bodies of water in any format
ONCE AGAIN: Surfing’s definition in the ISA Constitution includes SUP in all its forms. Your organizations’ constitution, charter or statutes should include the same wording as soon as possible. Or in other words, if your National Olympic Committee (NOC) and/or your government has already recognized your organization as the governing body for surfing, that recognition includes SUP in all its forms, in all bodies of water (see ISA Constitution, article 2, above).
Organization, Athletes & History – ISA has the proven track record and precedent in terms of competitions, organization, culture & development of SUP. We are the only IF to have been active to date on an Olympic level and we have the full support of the ATHLETES.
National Olympic Committee Recognition – This is a very important point.  Contrary to our previous communications and in relation to point 3 above, it is not necessary for you to seek special additional recognition of SUP from your National Olympic Committee.  By the simple fact that SUP is an integral part of Surfing, as defined by our Constitution, and the ISA is recognized by the IOC as the world governing body for surfing, you DO NOT NEED TO OBTAIN ANY ADDITIONAL RECOGNITION OF SUP, but rather, you need to make the NOC aware that SUP EXISTS AS A PART OF THE ISA. NOTE: Of course, some of you have already secured a recognition that mentions Surfing and SUP, and that is fine.
In this regard, Rule 29 (national federations) of the Olympic Charter which governs all activities in the Olympic Movement, states:

“To be recognised by an NOC and accepted as a member of such NOC, a national federation must exercise a specific, real and on-going sports activity, be affiliated to an IF recognized by the IOC and be governed by and comply in all aspects with both the Olympic Charter and the rules of its IF.”

As a recognized member of the ISA, and having a specific, real and on-going sports activity, including SUP, your natonal federation has a right to be recognized by your NOC and by virtue of this recognition, also accept and acknowledge your governance over SUP, as part of the surfing recognition.

Again, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of your continued urgent action on this matter.  Your ability to communicate cleary and effectively the ISA’s position at a national level and in front of your NOCs & national governments is essential.

We will not and cannot concede to the ICF any authority over SUP on a national or international level.

Best regards,

Fernando Aguerre
ISA President

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